• Open IRIS is a free platform to enable resource discovery and sharing.
  • It is a collection of best practices for resource management and optimization.
  • Facilitates collaboration and resource sharing within and across labs and organizations.
Enables sharing of state of the art resources across labs or organizations.
See resources within or across organizations that are available for use.
Define and enforce policies for resource usage, with statistics and invoicing.
Features Available
  Dynamic Forms
Create custom forms for requests and scheduling of resources.
  Advanced Statistics
Determine resource usage with complex queries and various formats.
  Project Management
Set milestones and assign tasks on requests.
Support for working across multiple facilities.
  Calendar Integration
Ability to integrate resources into calendars and determine availability of technical staff when booking resources.
  Resource Restrictions
Ability to restriction resource utilization by date, time, user, quotas, etc. Installable agent to control access to resources.
  Pricing Rules
Define complex pricing rules by date, time, users, groups, organization, etc.
  Directory Management
Support complex organizational relationships. Including support for groups, departments, organizations, communities, and projects.
  Custom Portals
Custom portals that allows for custom web site address with control of access and resources listed.
Schedule resources with support for recurring events, maintenance, etc.
  Service Requests
Submit and track service requests.
  Issue Tracking
Track issues directly on resources.